Since the advent of computing, cyber-attacks have gone from a nuisance pursued by lone hobbyists to a legitimate business threat. The rising magnitude, frequency, and sophistication of cyber-attacks and the resulting impact on organisations have shown the importance of creating a robust, resilient and evolving technology infrastructure; one which also integrates effectively with the existing business processes is also paramount to continued success.

For businesses, the potential risk is huge and the corresponding importance of highly effective cyber security functionality is of equal importance. Identifying experienced security staff can be challenging as cyber security qualifications and experience are highly prized and in short supply. To identify this top talent, we have had to be innovative in our sourcing for such candidates ensuring their skillset and academia are of the highest calibre.

Sample searches:

  • CISO
  • Security Strategists
  • Identity and Access
  • Security Governance
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Incident Response
  • Forensic Investigations