Securities & Prime Services

Our clients help institutional investors, asset managers, hedge funds, broker dealers and equity issuers manage their risk, monitor their portfolios, maintain liquidity and enhance revenues to help accelerate performance across global footprints. These firms have adopted a cautious approach to the custody of their assets demanding a greater level of safety, transparency and segregation of their assets.

Reform of OTC trading and central clearing is also driving the development of business, with increasing demand for collateral services offering new revenue potential.

This area of financial services is becoming increasingly competitive as our clients seek to attract the right talent to help them build their offering and service an ever more challenging and global client base. Our Prime & Securities Services team has the experience and informed insight to identify key talent, grounded in an understanding of the unique needs faced by this community.

Specific areas of coverage from VP level through to global heads include:

  • Prime brokerage sales
  • Heads of investor and fund services
  • Clearance and collateral management
  • Global custody services
  • Liquidity and investments
  • Securities lending and cash management
  • Client services and relationship management
  • Risk management and financing
  • Reporting and technology
  • Capital introduction

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