The insurance market has been confronted by some major challenges over recent years.

Insurers have found themselves exposed by their dependence on investment returns and declining sales, whilst facing a rise in claims resulting from the impacts of climate change and unprecedented natural disasters in major economies.

These issues highlight the importance of leadership and the skills needed to successfully innovate and navigate through these challenges especially in areas such as financial risk management, product development, underwriting and risk assessment.

We work with the full spectrum of insurance industry organisations including life and pensions, property and casualty, health, insurance brokerage, financial guaranty and reinsurance industries, as well as direct companies and the Lloyds market.

Areas of coverage include general management to marketing and sales, leadership roles in direct and intermediary distribution through to expert specialists. We have also successfully completed searches across senior functional roles including IT, finance, risk, HR and corporate communications.

Specific areas of coverage from VP level through to global heads including:

  • Senior leadership roles (CEO, CRO, CFO, COO)
  • Actuarial
  • Broking & Underwriting
  • Claims & Adjusting
  • Distribution, sales and marketing
  • Risk & finance
  • Legal & compliance
  • Operations & IT
  • Human resources

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