Executive Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our ERPO service is designed for executive-level positions that require greater consideration, expertise and attention than a contingent style search.

Finding a partner who genuinely understands the executive acquisition process and the nuances of working with senior individuals can be a challenge for many companies seeking to outsource executive recruiting. Our ERPO offering provides clients with their own executive search capability, combining highly skilled consultants, expertise and a sophisticated search process to identify and secure exceptional, senior talent anywhere in the world.

The entire executive recruitment function is managed by Brooks Quayle, either onsite or from our offices. We integrate ERPO around the specific needs of a client in a way that ensures deep insight of cultures, a thorough understanding of short and long-term objectives and seamless delivery. This not only presents our clients in the best possible light it also provides a credible and consistent hiring manager and candidate experience with the utmost discretion, professionalism and candour expected from a leading executive search practice.

Benefits of ERPO:

  • By using the influence of an existing brand coupled with our professional process and economies of scale our clients are able to effectively control their costs without compromising on quality.
  • End-to-end management of the entire search process providing a seamless link between senior management and experienced hires.
  • Reduced time to hire.
  • A more professional and consistent hiring experience for the manager and candidate in each engagement.
  • Effective monitoring of candidate diversity.
  • Increased control and influence over a search process.
  • Enhanced brand perception and reputation when dealing with senior executives.
  • Access to flexible and scalable resources.
  • Improvement in employee engagement by managing internal movement in a transparent manner.
  • In each assignment we aim to identify the most capable and proven candidates; leaders who will make an immediate and relevant impact. We invest in relationships, taking time to gain a thorough understanding of cultures, goals and strategies, the leadership qualities needed and the competitor landscape.

Candidates are evaluated against agreed-upon competencies, client requirements, internal candidates and their industry peers. We provide detailed information to clients for the selection of an initial long-list through to short-list. We continue to manage the process during the interview stage, gathering feedback and guiding expectations.

The meticulous candidate assessment includes an in-depth interview process, psychometric testing, behavioural and competency based interviews and a cultural fit assessment.

Establishing the right leadership culture begins with engaging the right leaders. It continues with cultivating a strong succession pipeline and an on-going assessment of leadership in the face of new challenges. We can review a firm’s current succession plan and make recommendations for improvement or help implement a process. We can assist by assessing and benchmarking internal and external talent, defining the future requirements of senior hires or finding a senior interim executive. We assess internal candidates against business objectives, the competencies needed to meet those objectives and the culture within the organization. It is important to benchmark executives against their industry peers ensuring they represent the best possible talent.

This encourages a fair and transparent process which ensures the best leadership is brought into the business, promoted within the business and retained by the business. This can positively impact senior employees and improve executive retention rates.

We maintain an open dialogue with all parties throughout an assignment, ensuring a smooth transition through the final stages and that expectations are met. Above all, our commitment to excellence governs each search. Every step in the process is geared toward providing the highest possible standard of care.

At Brooks Quayle we actively seek to promote the benefits of diversity in all of our activities within ERPO and in this way, we are positioned to assist our clients in achieving their own diversity targets. By valuing diversity we become more closely connected with talented executives around the world who represent a full spectrum of backgrounds and experience.

For further information please contact erpo@brooksquayle.com

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