Executive Assessment and Succession Planning

Leaders can bring critical competitive advantage and finding, replacing or developing the right ones will always be crucial to an organisation.

As with the executive search process, we assess internal candidates against business objectives, the competencies needed to meet those objectives and the culture within the organisation. It is important to benchmark executives against their industry peers ensuring they represent the best possible talent.

We use many techniques when assessing executives, including psychometric testing and behavioural interviews, which can reveal objective strengths and weaknesses, as well as the underlying drivers behind performance. This gives our clients additional insight to confidently identify the best available talent for key positions and how an individual could best be advanced. The stages at which we most often assist organisations include an acquisition, merger or the evaluation of an executive team by investors.

A robust succession plan is vital in maintaining an organisation's leadership when key individuals leave. We can review a firm's current succession plan and make recommendations for improvement or help implement a new process. We can assist by assessing and benchmarking internal and external talent, defining the future requirements of senior hires or finding a senior interim executive.

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