Private Banking & Wealth Management

In spite of prevailing economic pressures, demand for private banking has endured to become one of the fastest growing sectors in the financial services industry. The number of high net-worth individuals seeking private banking services has significantly increased in domestic and emerging markets.

Private banking has changed over recent years; impacted by globalisation, tougher regulation and a shift from offshore to onshore solutions. Turbulent markets have also raised customer expectations from a risk management perspective. Despite these challenges, private banking remains a highly attractive arena for our clients; the major advantage being that a private banking business requires relatively little capital, and generates steady predictable cash flows.

This segmented market has sophisticated needs in terms of product diversity, specialist advice, technology and personal service. The competition for executives is intensifying as outstanding individuals are essential to success.

We work closely with our clients to identify and recruit individuals in senior-level positions such as COO, CFO, general counsel, relationship managers, private bankers and other executive leadership roles across all segments in distribution, products and investments, and senior appointments within infrastructure.

As with private banking, each search starts with understanding the needs of our client. With offices in major financial centres we are able to conduct complex and demanding cross border and cross sector searches. We work with the private client arms of international banks, private banks, private client investment managers, trusts, family offices and providers of services to the wealth management sector. Specific areas of coverage include:

  • Senior leadership roles (CEO, CRO, CFO, COO)
  • General counsel & company secretary
  • Relationship managers/private bankers
  • Portfolio/investment managers
  • Product specialists
  • Investment advisory/investment consulting
  • Business development roles
  • Risk & finance
  • Legal & compliance
  • Operations & IT
  • Human resources

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